Skin Care Line

Here at Wild Oat Hollow we not only believe the food we eat is incredibly important to our health, we would also argue that the products you use to clean and moisturize your body are extremely important as well.  So we are offering our simple, organic creams and soaps for sale.  


Amazing hand and home made all natural soaps and lotions by Sarah Keiser at Wild Oat Hollow. The soaps have incredible lather and fragrance and don’t “melt” away and the Dandelion Luxurious Lavender Lotion, is literally to die for… has incredible fragrance, is not greasy and is an amazing facial moisturizer too! You won’t find anything on the table that you haven’t heard of or don’t know how to say, its all natural  and made on her incredible little farm. ….I feel so lucky to have been introduced to Sarah and her products and all her incredibly sweet and friendly sheep, goat and chickens.  I know that this is an incredible  luxury to live somewhere where I can get products that are so fresh, natural and made with love…….its a secret I don’t want too many people to know about!!!…..:)Thank you for Sarah for being so environmentally friendly and sharing your farm and its wonderful products with us!   

Katie  Kindt
The lavender lotion by Dandelion from Wild Oat Hollow far exceeded my expectations. My friend Sarah Keizer, the Rural Chick farmer, had the most beautiful healthy looking face. I credited her smooth tanned glow with her youth, diet and active outdoor lifestyle. Now I know her other secret because it happened to my older skin too! It is this lotion she creates from organic ingredients, including tomato, olive, beeswax, coconut, lanolin, carrot and lavender. This lotion is so versatile and thirst quenching that it makes as excellent of a day cream as night cream. It is so gentle and fortifying that I now prefer it over Dr. Haushka’s $50/ounce eye cream, which I used to swear by. Dandelion lavender lotion does not irritate my eyes, at all, even if it creeps in. If applied at least twice a day, your skin will be radiant!

Cathy Swanson
I’ve been using the soap bar as shampoo for about a month, and I like it a lot. I was really skeptical at first because my hair is so thick and long. I’ve tried a shampoo soap bar in the past and hated it.   In the shower I throughly wet my hair and then rub the bar against my head and get a lot of foam. It’s easy to work the lather into my hair, and I do this usually twice over my whole head. Shampooing twice was what I had to do with my previous liquid shampoo too, so that’s nothing new.
 I get a great lather from the bar which helps me wash every part of my head, which can be difficult when my hair is heavy and wet in the shower.   After I rinse my hair it doesn’t feel smooth and slippery, like regular shampoos make it feel, but if you’ve been using SLS free shampoos you’ll remember that transition to something low foaming. The soap is not low foaming but after it’s rinsed it’s kind of a dry feeling. If you worked foam all over your head then trust it to be clean.   When my hair dries it feels very clean and light. I think this is a great product! And I’m one step closer to a plastic free bathroom!

​Marcail McWilliams
Wild Oat Hollows's Dandelion Soaps are exquisitely made and have quickly become my go-to hand soaps for the shower, kitchen and as truly lovely gifts. I learned about these soaps because someone gave them to me as a gift! Now my friends love receiving these soaps from me, probably because they come in natural, just-right scents that aren't too strong and they are beautifully hand-stamped. They lather up really nicely and last a long, long time. My favorites so far are peppermint/eucalyptus and lemon/lavender but I'm really a fan of all of them! 

Meghan McKee
I've found another fabulous way to use the Dandelion lavender face & body cream.   I was using is as a delicious night cream but now I'm using it in conjunction with my facial sunscreen.  I put a tiny amount on and it makes my sunscreen spread more easily & evenly & so incredible and no sunburn!  I live in Colorado so I need as much moisture as possible and I'm so thrilled I tried this!  I use is everyday and I love its fragrance!   Keep on making all of your awesome products and thank you for caring about people's health and the environment and those adorable goats!

BJ Bachman, Colorado

Healing Body & Face Cream

Goat Milk Soap

We make luxurious, rich body & face cream that is beneficial to all skin types.  Our olive oil rest in a sunny ​window sill for 6 weeks with a variety of herbs that support healthy skin before we use the oil in our lotion.  We make small batches of lotion with organic ingredients and cater to skin with special needs.  Our ingredients include olive oil, organic ghee, locally made plant hydrosol, lanolin & organic/local beeswax.  This climte beneficial body & face cream will leave your skin soft and silky without that greasy feeling.  
Our Climate Beneficial soap is simply wonderful.   We make cold process goat milk soap that is soothing and hydrating to all skin types, as well as your hair. We make all of our soaps in small batches, making sure the soaps retain all of the benefits of the oils.   All or our ingredients are from our farm or surrounding farms in our watershed, using sustainable methods.  One of these sustainable ingredients products is lard and beef tallow.  Yes, lard and tallow from local, pasture raised animals is a wonderful ingredient.  Making for a luxurious and sudsy soap.  The secondary ingredient is  goat milk from China, Sandy, Alice and Hazel!  We get our olive oil from several local farms in Sonoma & surrounding counties.  All of the ingredients are organic and sustainable from farms working to build soil and sequester carbon. Because we only use these ingredients & we have a carbon farm plan our soap is Climate Beneficial.   These are luxurious soaps that are great for your skin and our environment.   A soap you can enjoy for yourself and your climate.

Fiber Products

We started out with a few Romney sheep as they are hearty, do well in our wet winters and are a great example of a dual purpose sheep.  And we fell in love with their vitality and their wool.  They have amazing fiber, with great luster, attachment and long staples.  Perfect for the hand spinner.  After playing with their fiber for a while I decided to venture out into the fiber/sheep world and try some new breeds.  We have now added a beautiful Wenslydate ewe and a Lincoln/Cormo/Moraino/Wensleydale cross ewe.   The cross bred ewe is from Peggy Agnew in Potter Valley.  She has been breeding these sheep as the perfect fleece for the hand spinner for a long time.  I feel so blessed to have obtained one of her ewes!! Now I have decided to add several merinos to our flock.  We look forward to having amazing Romney and Merino fiber for the hand spinner.  As we grow our herd we will introduce some yarn and sheep skins to our fiber sales.