Mini Lamancha Dairy Goats
We raise registered mini Lamancha dairy goats.   All of our goats are friendly and well behaved on the milk stand.  We breed for a well attached udder, a willingness to milk and personality.  Dairy goats should be a joy to be around and lovely to look at.  They should make your daily milking routine enjoyable and easy.   These are the qualities we expect from our girls and we get it.   We are so in love with the ease and personality of the mini lamanchas and we love that they will just keep on milking!  Many of our does have been in milk for years and will keep going on a once a day milking schedule.
She came down from the mountains of Reno to join our little herd and we could not be happier with her.  She is sweet, gregarious and the herd queeen. China is a registered F1 mini-lamancha with fantastic genetics and an amazing, well attached udder.  We retained her doeling Alice and have decided to milk her through 2017.  She continues to produce a lot of milk with a once a day schedule.  We are so pleased with our China

Sandy is China's  granddaughter and just a delight.  She is a solid doe with an amazing, calm disposition. She freshened for the first time April 2018 with an amazing, gorgeous and sweet little buckling Ivan.   She has a wonderful, well attached udder that is a delight to milk.  I am so pleased with this little doe!  I believe she will be with us for good!
Hazel is a F1 registered grade Mini-mancha.  She is 75% Nigie and 25% Lamancha.  She is on the smaller size, but strong, athletic and hardy.    Hazel freshened with a gorgeous, well attached udder and nice milkable teats.  I am milking her through at least one year, maybe two.  So far her production on once a day milking is fantastic.   Despite her small size, she has is a great producer and milks out very easy.   We continue to be very pleased with our Hazel.
Udderly Dairy
  1. China - Udder
    China - Udder
  2. China - Udder
    China - Udder
  3. Hazel
  4. Hazel - Udder
    Hazel - Udder
  5. China
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    Title 6
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