We work with our animals every day, spending most of our days in the pasture with them.  Even the animals that are destined for the dinner table are treated with kindness and respect from the day they are born.  All of the animals on our farm free range.   Running around in pasture where they have fresh air, green grass (in the winter) and well developed muscles.  We believe that quality is far more important than quantity, so we raise our animals with that perspective.  They are named (except the ones in route to the dinner table) and loved.  We all feel so blessed to live this life and nurture this land.  We endeavor to provide the best animals for your backyard, homestead, farm or table.   We strive to give each and every animal the best life, if perhaps a short one.   We feel it is very important to produce quality animals with good genetics and vitality, and believe the breeding of animals is a huge responsibility.  Part of this responsibility is making tough decisions and choosing to cull the animals that lack in soundness, confirmation or vitality.   We not only need to act as the caretakers of these animals, but we are also responsible to take the place of the predator who would clean the herd and improve the stock.  Predation is incredibly important in a flock's vitality.  We as the farmers have eliminated that presence and quality control.  So  in order to improve our animals we need to assume that role as well.